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What Crowdfunding site do you think should be part of CrowdFundFusion next? Enter the crowdfunding site URL into the text field below and we will review the submission, if it's a quality site we will add it to the list below. If the site has already been added by someone else, you can still vote for it. You can vote more than once and for different sites so if you decide another site should also be listed, let us know by voting more than one up!

Once a submitted site has enough votes, it will be reviewed again to make sure that it's projects meet our high standards. After that we will blend it's projects to join those currenlty shown on CrowdFundFusion.

Then the cycle will repeat, based on what you submit and what you vote for more sites will be added. Rest assured that only the best sites will make the cut!

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Selection of the next sites to be added to CrowdFundFusion will be based on how many votes the site gets, how popular the site is, the types of projects it has and whether it will add to other visitors experience here on CrowdFundFusion.

To find out which sites have been added and when check back here often and sign up for updates. You will only get important and relevent notifications like letting you know when we have welcomed another site to the CrowdFundFusion family or a major site announcement.

We've added our first 2 visitor submitted sites!

Based on your votes and an in depth review, and are now part of the Crowdfundfusion family of sites.

More sites will be added as more votes come in. Come back often - and vote often!

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