Our Story

CrowdFundFusion was created from a passion for crowdfunding by two long time friends Jonathan Mushey and Lenny Leblanc. Both saw that crowdfunding is a great equalizer, allowing 'the little guy' to bring a product or service to market with limited funds to invest. They also saw crowdfunding as a way to conduct real time market research for an idea, what a great way to reduce the risk of a new venture than to see if people will like it before it actually comes to market - by bringing it to market.

The story to how they eventually created CrowdFundFusion starts in early 2011 when they launched a project on kickstarter: The Move: Wear Your iPhone. It was a project ahead of its time with people thinking it was interesting project and it had never been attempted before.

In hindsight people were not then ready for the concept of wearbale screens. It was however an incredible learning experience and introduction to the world of Crowdfunding which served to whet the appetite for both entrepreneurs.

The idea of wearing screens will soon become a reality, new foldable OLED screens are coming to market soon and they will be incorporated into many products - including clothing.

There were many "marks" for the move, about 90 of them are not shown...seriously.

The Move required a whole new way of thinking about business, now with the power of crowdfunding, and advances in 3D prototyping it was possible for those without the benefit of venture capital (or other expendable investment income) to bring a product/service/offering to market.

Over the course of 5 months a proof of concept and many prototypes were created. Research was done in many areas; manufacturing, logistics, packaging, shipping - the list goes on and on. There was also a huge learning curve to using the CAD and video editing software that was needed to create 3D models that could be 3D printed. Some of them are shown to the left.

Project plans were created, with budgets, projections and a marketing plan. Ultimately the project did not meet it's funding goal but a template was formed for how to bring a product from concept to reality. Both Jonathan and Lenny had many other ideas and it was not long before they had another product idea that they knew would be possible to bring to market with crowdfunding.

Their next project was going to be a new way to hold and carry keys (you can have a look at some of the CAD models created below). A design that would hold all your keys flat along one face called the KeyCinch.

Similar designs have been successful on crowdfunding sites like this example here. Our design accomplished the same result but with keys attached together via a custom triple bolt (a bolt within a bolt within a bolt) to prevent unscrewing.

Designs and prototypes were created and they were well on their way to launch on a crowdfunding site when they had another idea. Why isn't there a site where you can search through projects from different crowdfunding sites at the same time? This was born out of the task of searching many crowdfunding sites to see different projects, something that many crowdfunding followers currently do. The Keycinch was put on hold as they investigated their new idea that was born out of solving a problem that they encountered - too many crowdfunding sites and no central hub.

After searching they saw that there was nothing on the net that would collect, group and sort crowdfunding projects so they decided to build a web application that would. Both had years of experience working in IT which was put to good use to create CrowdFundFusion.com. The first site of it's kind on the net today.

Lenny works as a Project Manager during the day and as an IT consultant in his spare time. He can pretty much do any IT task imaginable, whether coding, analysis, design, hardware or networking, he has done and can do it. He is also an avid hockey player who plays on two different teams, he also likes blading, golf, rockclimbing, gaming of various kinds, movies and anything new and tech related.

Jonathan also works during the day as a Project Manager and works on various projects like CrowdFundFusion in his spare time. He has experience in every aspect of creating IT solutions, can perform analysis, design and code and knows how to keep a project moving forward. He enjoys rock climbing, rowing, golf, movies, gaming, trading and keeping tabs on all things new and tech on the net.

Both have been friends for more than 13 years and share the entrepreneurial spirit of creating new ideas, products, processes and ways of thinking. They look at crowdfunding as the great equalizer, that allows virtually anyone the ability to field a business idea without significant risk and within the time constraints of any individual or small team.