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At CrowdFundFusion, the best of best of crowdfunding sites are shown. We choose sites based on how popular the site is and the quality of projects on that site. Going forward we will show projects from sites based on what you the visitor will decide, you can submit a site or vote for a site that someone has already entered.

A true internet democracy, when votes clearly show that people want to have a certain crowdfunding site added, we will add it. As people vote for more sites we will continue to add more. CrowdFundFusion shows and will continue to show you more of the best of the crowdfunding world, all in once place.


Kickstarter is known as the grand daddy of all crowd funding sites today, it was for many their first exposure to the world of crowdfunding.

They have an all or nothing approach wherebye you only get your funds if you reach your goal. Fees are 5% of funds raised plus 3-5% transaction fees. Allows creators only from the US, UK and Canada so far.


Indiegogo is gaining more exposure and is gaining rapidly, it was actually the first on the net ahead of its main competitors.

Traction is gaining since it serves project campaigns from around the world. Funding options are 4% of funds raised for an all or nothing approach, and 9% if you do not reach your goal. Transaction fees are an addtional 3% of the total raised.


Rockethub was another of the crowdfunding sites that were first to the scene, it has a partnership with A&E that is unique to the industry.

They are also open to project creators from around the world. Fees here are 4% for completed project campaigns and 8% for ones that do not reach their goal.


Fundly specializes in being a social fundraising platform where non-profits can easily raised funds for a varitey of causes that contribute to helping society, groups and individuals.

Fundly has created custom apps for use with Facebook and LinkedIn to make sharing projects easy. Fees are 4.9% of collected campaign funds plus 3% for processing.


Fundrazr is a Canadian based Crowdfunding site that combines social fundraising along with more traditional entrepreneurial ventures seen on other major sites.

A unique feature of Fundrazr was the introduction of a service technology which allows web companies to run crowdfunding services on their own sites. Fees are 5% for completed projects plus 2.9% processing fees.

More Crowdfunding sites to come...

What's with the question marks? We want to engage you to help choose which next crowdfunding sites projects appear here on Crowdfundfusion.

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