How to get your Project Featured on CrowdFundFusion

CrowdFundFusion is not only for people browsing projects, it's also for project creators. We know what it's like trying to get the word out for your crowdfunding campaign, it's not easy and we want to help. The featured box on our main page (below the banner) has high visibility so if you're project is there more people will see it which will translate into more unique viewers - and more pledges for your project.

To get your project featured in the Featured Project area on the main page:

  1. Create links to on your project page, on your project website (if you have one), on facebook, google plus, twitter, pinterest or any other type of social media. The more links you create means that your chances of being selected will increase.
  2. Submit your project link, your email address and the links to Crowdfundfusion that you created to us using the form below.

Selecting projects will be based on how good the project is and how many links that state your project is on crowdfundfusion are submitted. Project quality is a must however and at least one mention is a very good idea since it only take minnutes to do (especially on social media). We will only contact project creators whose project is going to be featured.

Here are some examples of where to create your links to :

  •  On Your Project Page
  •  On Facebook
  •  On Twitter
  •  On Pinterest
  •  On Any Social Media
  •  On Your Project Site

Submit relevant links please, links that DO NOT mention that your project is on crowdfundfusion are not required.

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